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Dane Reid is a voice actor who worked in Fulton County Georgia Schools for 6 years before his career began in Voiceover. As a long term substitute and after school teacher, he worked with all elementary-aged children but enjoyed his position as a special education teacher. Realizing the social challenges of urban children and drawing from some of his own life experiences, Dane Reid was inspired to write real-life lesson-based stories that addressed childhood issues. Dane is an international traveler who loves life's adventures. His second book explores the challenges of parenthood and the reasons that so many people are deciding not to have children.

Dane is nationally and internationally known for his voice which can be heard on radio, television, social media, board rooms, podcast, and more. His booming baritone is heard as the Big Voice Radio Imaging Guy on dozens of stations across the country. Log on to DaneReidMedia.com for more info about his voiceover work.

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