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Imagine taking Earth's brightest philosophers, turning them into young people, and sending them to a fantasy realm city-state called Lothen to see their adventures. That's The Philosopher's Guild. Gotey - the Buddha - wants to find a monastic life. Carly Marksian wants everyone to have the same of everything. Socrates wants to ask questions about the ideal philosopher-king and make Plato write everything down and do all the real work. Mina Beauvoir fights for women's rights and leads the guild. Facing off against them are Nietzsche, a brutal warrior and super man; Hobbes, a clever rogue assassin; and Nicky Machiavelli, a diabolical court wizard. Check out this fantasy novel by schizophrenic writer Daniel Trump.

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The Philosopher's Guild

The Philosopher's...

Urban/Paranormal Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy