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David Crosby

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After careers as a photojournalist and then an advertising photographer, David Crosby started a new life as a writer. First writing the non-fiction "Keeping us Afloat", Crosby then turned to fiction with "Million Dollar Staircase". It was just the beginning for him. A long time fan of mysteries by authors including John D. McDonald, Randy Wayne White, and Wayne Stinnett, Crosby's love of the genre has led to his Florida based "Will Harper" series. Crosby also has a life long love of travel and of living in interesting homes. He's cruised much of the Caribbean and visited Mexico, Canada and Paris, all while living in a plantation house, a 1929 synagogue, a house boat, a lakeside log home, a 10-acre farm, and a loft in a hundred year-old textile mill. A voracious reader, Crosby now lives in a tiny house with a motorhome parked outside. He lives in Land O Lakes, Florida, with his wife Marilyn, a retired Pastor, and their Shih Tzu, Zoe.