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About Me:

I have written 7 books of my own and ghost-written twelve others. I have made several films, won 2 film awards and won a playwriting contest. I have an MLS degree in Library & Information Science.

You can find my books on Amazon.com and elsewhere, under my name, David E. Feldman.

They include:

Pilgrimage from Darkness Nuremberg to Jerusalem 

How to Be Happy in Your Marriage

Not Today: A Dora Ellison Mystery - Book 1.

A Gathering Storm: Dora Ellison Mystery - Book 2.

A Sickening Storm: Dora Ellison Mystery - Book 3.

My ghostwriting website:


I recently completed a ghostwriting project for one of the major ghosting companies whose client is a senior V.P. of a well known social justice organization. This project was about the history of people of a particular heritage in U.S. military. I have also ghosted a romance novel and a how-to book about fishing. Upon request, I can send segments of any of these.

My film, Everyone Deserves a Decent Life (directed, produced) won the Alfred Fortunoff Humanitarian Film Award at the Long Island Film Expo, 2014. My film, Let Me Out! (Written, directed, produced) won Best Psychological Thriller at the 2009 New York International Film Festival. My play, Love Lives On, was a winner of the inaugural Artists In Partnership Inaugural Playwriting Contest.

I have also been the owner of eFace Media (eface.com) these last 31 years, where I write marketing and branding copy.