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Devin Kerzich

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Devin Kerzich's passion for reading, fashion, and travel began at a young age and has been a driving force in her life ever since. Fueling her curiosity, she pursued a Bachelor's in Communications from the University of Arizona, where she honed her skills in storytelling and communication. As a loving wife and devoted mother, Devin understands the importance of nurturing a child's imagination and fostering a love for exploration. It is this profound understanding that inspired her to create, The Adventures of Kitt and Gianna, a captivating children's book series that introduces young minds to the wonders of new cultures and far-off lands. Devin's vision goes beyond simply entertaining children; she hopes that her book series will encourage families to embark on their own adventures together, creating lasting memories and bonding over shared experiences. You can follow her on Instagram @KittandGianna.