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 D.F. Hart is my pen name for suspense/thriller works. (For contemporary romance you'll find me under Faith Hart). I've never found my first name to be particularly suspenseful or mysterious, so when I opted to finally give in to the siren call of writing, using my initials felt as natural as breathing. I’d always intended to be in this career; a college professor teaching Chaucer and Shakespeare somewhere and writing fiction in my off time. However, life has a sense of humor, it seems. Before I even realized it, I found myself hip deep into a career in Accounting – just about as far left-brained as you can get from being an author. I went with that flow and obtained my MBA with Accounting concentration to augment what I’d learned ‘in the trenches.’ I’m going on my twenty-sixth year of ‘crunching numbers’; I like it and I am good at it. But it has never been my passion, and it never will be.