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Dragan Cvetkovic Kaspar was born in 1960 in Serbia. He is a qualified medical doctor. He also holds Master of Science degree in Immunology, from the University of East London, and postgraduate diploma in Jurisprudence, from the Faculty of Law, University of Sydney. He left Serbia in 1991, and lived in Sweden with his wife and daughter for 7 years, until 1998, when he and his family immigrated into Australia as skilled migrants. He is an Australian Citizen since year 2000. He wrote this book, The Colours of Love, in about 180 hours, over 35 days, whilst he was in prison.

AUSTIN MACAULEY PUBLISHERS RE: 'The Colours of Love': “… we can confidently state that your work was found to be a most absorbing and intriguing memoir, very well-written, that will undoubtedly captivate a wide audience. The Board was very pleased about the sophisticated narrative and a most compelling plot, exploring fascinating times, events, and experiences of the author. We believe your work is very well-conceived and developed, allowing the reader to fully engage into the read. 'The Colours of Love' is a well-written and researched work worthy of attention and believe it would have a place in the market.”

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