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Drew might be wrong about certain things but at least he's trying. He believes it's everyone’s
duty to EVOLe.
Drew Loves to observe, challenge and think about everything on his journey. That's his
passion. After that, he will do so again and again in unfamiliar places with anonymous
people. He tries to trace objectives to their very roots, and that's where he always finds out
Drew looks at this age of obvious
disinformation and one-sided narratives while traveling outside of the boundaries of
certificated endeavours. ‘Controlled practices’.
Drews goal is to break the chains of consensus and to make people think for themselves.
He wants to change this world of disinformation and
programmed thought processes that leads people to think one glove fits all. Drew actually
gives you a working relative model which gives a clarity of understanding each and every
time in his debut book, Kruyology the meaning of life.
He wants your help, connection and conversation. You need
each other. Nothing makes more sense. What do you 'think'?

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Kruyology. : The Meaning of Life

Kruyology. : The M...

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