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Doris Watson is an engineer by profession. Ex-military, she leads a solitary life in Maryland, surrounded by books, a few close friends and her cat. When she gets an emergency late night message, her mundane existence takes a decided turn into the bizarre and deadly realm of human trafficking as her secret second job summons. She is an on-call agent for a firm named Seekers Worldwide, a front for a loose group of high-tech mercenaries, managed by Della Jamay Charboneau and run by NSA agent, Sam Namath. Someone made the truly epic mistake of kidnapping Della’s niece.
   Della Jamay is no ordinary aunt. She is an assassin with a very short temper and a very large arsenal. Doris’ assignment from Sam: to handle her handler and keep Della’s body count low.  Plagued by prophetic dreams and embroiled in Della’s private matters, rookie Doris finds herself in way over her head.