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Ella Lansville

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Ella is a passionate life coach, wife, and loving mother of three beautiful children. She is someone who has personally survived maternal covert narcissistic abuse, and whose healing process took many years, but was remarkably successful in the end. As a life coach, Ella guides her clients to achieve their goals and address the emotions that are holding them back in life, approaching each individual with a level of compassion and deep, genuine understanding. Drawing on her own experiences as well as her research, she writes her books to help every victim of covert narcissistic abuse put their past behind, to not substitute, but complement therapy, and to help them begin the healing process. Ella knows that no victim of narcissistic abuse is ever really alone, despite how isolating the victim’s experience can feel. Ella understands that having a narcissistic parent can affect you long after you have left home, and her biggest hope is to help people realize that they do not have to live with this trauma forever. She uses her books as a way to provide readers who have suffered from maternal narcissistic abuse with the compassion, empathy, and validation that they have been longing for. No matter what you have been through, Ella knows from her own journey that you have the inner strength to achieve the life you deserve.