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It’s been seven years since Alexandria Long bid farewell to her high school boyfriend, Zander. When she moves back to her small hometown in time for Christmas, she’s not happy he’s the first person she sees. She’s determined to keep her distance while her heart heals from fresh hurts and plentiful mistakes—until she ends up caring for Zander’s meddling mother and decking her halls for Christmas.

Zander Billings is facing possibly the most important game in his assistant coaching career. Not to mention the art show he’s not prepared for. But he’s always regretted letting Allie go. Running into her now could make this Christmas the best one since sugarplums were concocted.

But Zander will have to do more than convince Allie sugarplums are edible. He has to do everything in his power to convince Allie it isn’t too late for a second chance – with him, and with God.