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My name is Mano. I’m an author, blogger, and documentary filmmaker, but besides that, I’m a Natural medicine researcher. I love Philosophy, meditation, and spirituality. My real passion is the search for wellness, My real name is Emmanuel, but my author's pen ancient Greek name is Evexiandros. I change it, as according to the Ancient Greeks, names should be created by the way you lived your life. Evexiandros (Ευεξιανδρος) is derived from two Greek words: Ευεξια – Evexia that means wellness and Ανδρας that means men. So, my pen name means Men of Wellness, like my websiteI travel around the world and I explore traditional medicine secrets, tribal practices for healing, nutrition secrets, activities for well-being, and philosophy pathways. I’m seeking healing in every corner of the planet