Eric B

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I am the published author of five books (and counting), and am a lover of action and adventure, public transportation (particularly trains) and superhero drama. I have been writing since long before I ever dreamed of becoming a published author. I've always found a friend in my pen and paper...the one completely reliable fully attentive and totally unbiased listener. Because I love writing so much, I always seek out new and interesting experiences, and I look everywhere for inspiration. There's a quote from an old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon episode that I always love to keep at the forefront of my mind: "A REAL reporter can find a news story just by looking out of his window!" I don't thing any place, event or occasion -- not matter how big or small -- is beyond the capacity for an inspired writer to find a great story in it. As well as riding public transportation, I love long walks to nowhere around the city, spending quality time with friends, and karaoke night!