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Faith ‘History’ Adepoju

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Faith Temitope Adepoju (Faith History) is a Nigerian-American podcaster, producer, and TV & Radio host. Faithy has had a colorful and diverse career that’s cut across various industries including Technology, Fashion, Entertainment & Advertising.

She started her professional IT career as a Web Content Developer at NASA, she later expressed her creative side through styling and Asst. Creative Director for
the New York based magazine –The African. She went on to become a Digital Producer at Wunderman, NY and Ogilvy, South Africa before moving back to Lagos, Nigeria to pursue her dream in broadcasting. Faithy has since produced and hosted her own syndicated shows on TV, Radio and other multimedia platforms across Africa.

Faith loves to play sports, especially badminton and basketball, when she isn't working or writing. She listens to podcasts, salsa dances, balance herself with meditation, and watches Sci-Fi shows like Star Trek or The Orville. She never misses a chance to eat Jollof rice and Dodo, fried plantain, which she loves so much that Dodo was her nickname in secondary school.

Today Faith resides between Lagos Nigeria and Greenbelt, Maryland, with her two kids and their pooch Jojo. You can find out more about Faith at