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Gabe Liliedahl

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Gabe Liliedahl is a child of God who is called to help others hear from God for themselves. God has used Gabe as a preacher, teacher, in prison ministry, and as an author. God spoke to Gabe at a young age, but he chose to walk away from God for several years. God remained faithful and waited for him to hit rock bottom. After a time in prison, God began to reveal Himself to Gabe and reminded him of the childhood conversations. This changed everything. Since then, Gabe has devoted his life to God, learning and following the voice of God wherever He may lead. Gabe helps others how to hear from the Spirit of God using the word of God and personal testimony. "The Voice: Words from God" is the first book of a series. Gabe is currently working on the second book entitled, "The Voice: A Study of How God Speaks".