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My name is Georgi Rumen Nikolov, and I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 7th of April, 1997, in a windy and snowy day. Why did I tell you this? Because some people like such details. I do. Anyway, back to why is this guy writing? Well, ever since I was a kid my imagination was running wild, and from very young age, I was surrounded by games, friends, good movies and books, and at some point my imagination pushed me to write my first book. Honestly, I never planned to write a book. One day I just started. And after two years of learning how to write, as properly as I can, and in a way that other people, besides me, can read it, and at least pretend to enjoy it, I think I got myself a fair first book. Not great. Not terrible. As one man once said, before a great disaster.