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In addition to writing, Germain Decelles acts as a strategist and facilitator of change management.

Each year, he offers several seminars and training sessions on change management, transformation, and business innovation. Additionally, he serves as President of WebTech Management and Publishing Incorporated.

Germain Decelles has over 40 years of business and consulting experience in local and international markets, particularly in sectors such as retail, distribution, information and communications technology, transportation, manufacturing, financial services, and government organizations.

ABOUT HIS BOOKS: His books are published on the American market and sold worldwide. 

ISO POUR TOUS - ISBN : 978-0-9783667-0-4

Le guide de préparation ISO - ISBN : 978-0-9783667-1-1

Le Manuel d'information ISO - ISBN : 978-0-9783667-0-4

La Gestion de projet en affaires - ISBN : 978-0-9783667-2-8

La gestion du changement en affaires - ISBN 978-0-9783667-3-5

Le changement POUR TOUS - ISBN 978-0-9783667-4-2

CHANGE Your Future, Now!  - ISBN 978-0-9783667-7-3


MON SUCCÈS EST VOTRE SUCCÈS - ISBN 978-1-7388000-1-8                                                                                                  

ABOUT THE COMPANY: WebTech Management and Publishing Incorporated is a premier Management - Technology Solutions Company. WebTech is a leading international network of specialists offering custom Solutions, Re-imagining, Innovation, Energy and Change that assist organizations and enterprises in attaining greater success through the effective execution of change on a project-by-project approach. Visit: ( and (