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Gonzalo Rohmer Zamm

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You can grab a free story set in the world of Anduirnaëch by signing up to Gonzalo’s mailing list at www.rohmerzamm.com/en/bonus.
An inveterate aficionado of role-playing and board games (Gloomhaven, Arkham Horror the card game, Pandemic Legacy, and many more…), he credits J.R.R. Tolkien, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, George R.R. Martin, and H.P. Lovecraft as sources of inspiration.
Gonzalo is an epic fantasy author living in Madrid with his wife and son, expectantly awaiting human civilization’s impending downfall, when bizarre, fantastical creatures finally take over. He enjoys reading, traveling, cheesecake, scuba diving, Cantabrian sobao, tennis, Iberian ham, and every single forest on the planet.
Visit his website at www.rohmerzamm.com/en/ for captivating and original fantasy illustrations, free stories, and chair carvings depicting his favorite D&D-inspired monsters. Can you guess each carved member of this unique presidential cabinet? Vote for Anduirnaëch!