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Harry Higinbotham

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I was born in Denver, Colorado, and currently live near Saint Louis, Missouri. A salesman by day, my true passions are spending time with my family--including my wife, seven children, eleven grandchildren and my pets, and writing.

I have been greatly influenced by a few authors that have helped me shape my style and interests as an author. They include Dr. Suess, Shel Silverstein, Ogden Nash, James Thurber, and Walt Kelly.

I also have to thank my father for my love of words and word play. He was a junior high school teacher of reading, remedial reading and English. I grew up playing word games with my family on long car trips, etc. I've also engaged in pun wars with my brother and best friend for years. I love to make up words and to write silly poems, including children's books.

I hope you enjoy my work!!