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Hazel Smith is the pen name for an introverted homeschooling mom who lives in small-town Canada. Faith, family and food bring joy, hope and occasional drama to her life. In between taking care of her family & home, her free time is spent creating cozy mysteries on the porch with her laptop or in her favorite wingback chair whilst nursing the baby and typing with one finger.
Twisted Wedding

Twisted Wedding

A lavish wedding, guest list full of secrets and a bride plunged to her death. Ivy Stone is excited to spend a weekend helping her friend manage a gorgeous wedding on a private Scottish isle. Before the couple can say ‘I do’ the bride falls to her death and speculations abound. Is it an accident? Suicide? Or murder? Trapped together while the investigation is underway, Ivy finds herself in a thickening plot of intrigue among the bridesmaids, guests, and a mysterious stranger lurking on the isle. While dodging flirtation, sampling delicious dishes and falling in love with Monty the pup, our amateur sleuth discovers everyone on the island has secrets. Some they are willing to kill for. One twist leads to another as Ivy races to unmask the true culprit. A murderer in their midst no one ever suspected.