Hendrik Maarten

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Hendrik and Estella are an Australian couple who live in Boorowa. Where is that you ask? Easy, near Frogmore. 

2022: Blue Fork Rhymes Illustrated Children’s series. 2 published works with more planned.

From the Authors:
First and foremost, we wanted this new series to be a fun, shared, family read. Basic language and word repetition for the little ones with familiar words and simple stories for beginning readers. Although the first two books feature the Lazy Old Cat and the Big Fat Rat, we hope to introduce many cute animals (and people) into the vastly different fun storylines.

2020-2022: Deans Epic Dreams Illustrated Children’s series. 4 published works with more planned.

From the Authors:
Dean’s Epic Dreams are all about his epic imagination. Dean’s stories begin with an average Dean day, but there’s always something setting him off on a sleep time adventure. With Goo, it’s a visit to the museum. With Delfan, it’s a walk through the mall. Fish Boy comes about after a bus ride to the local Aquarium and with Dineo, it’s a school room picture slide show. These Imaginative fun stories are for young minds as they progress from reading with help, to reading alone.

2020: Sink Detectives illustrated (B-W) chapter-book series. 3 published works.

From the Authors:
We wrote this series with the first-timer independent young reader in mind. Common and not so common childhood themes lightheartedly entwine. Set in the 1970s, Chalk, the first in the series, sees twins Simon and Lizzie on a quest to uncover the doer of a hurtful classroom shenanigan. The mystery of the missing George “Toomee” then gets the whole Sink family involved. Finally, comes a resolution with the vengeful playground bully, in “Bully for you.”

2019: Bear Rhymes Illustrated Children’s series. 3 published works.

From the Authors:
Our first love. Bears of different denominations come together with their own family friendly stories in verse. 1. The Little Bear meets the voice in the cave. This Little bear’s story begins in his home in the trees. Where he sits chewing those juicy green leaves. But soon trouble finds him lost and alone. So, this baby koala must find his way home. 2. “Ice Bear Baby” has a wish to fish. But when he gets lost at sea, a worried Momma Bear wonders where he might be. 3. Billy Bob and Miss Honey Brown Bear live in “Teddy Town.” They make Teddy Bears there all year round. But now baby bears want something new. What should they do? Maybe baby May has a clue. 
A shared family read or reading with help, to reading alone series.