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Hugo Woolley

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Hugo was born in West Sussex, in the south of England. His mother was an eccentric picture restorer. His father a farmer and lawyer. Because he is a dyslexic, he went to a myriad of schools. Very little was known about dyslexia in the 1950s and 60s.

Hugo is a caterer by training, ran various bars and restaurants in London before starting his own sandwich shops in the City of London in 1984. In 1993 he opened designer sausage shops in Kent and Sussex, well before sausages became a fad. Unfortunately, after just over a year of trading, he was badly injured in a car accident and was airlifted to hospital, where Hugo remained for eight months being glued back together. Whilst in hospital he started writing, mainly about his experience during my ‘crippledom’ – as he called it.

Mostly recovered, Hugo and his wife moved to Cornwall to run a very successful B&B in 2002. He started writing novels when he as he found mobility problems getting older.