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Jack Meyer is a retired businessman and author of the new suspense thriller, Wayward Patriot: Preserving the Vote. 


As he delves into writing fiction, he has made a manipulated election a backdrop for his debut novel.  Not wishing for his books to become an extension of the divisiveness in our country, his characters have a variety of political perspectives.  However his stories are less about political ideology and more about ethical and moral dilemmas that may come with a strong desire to do what is best for one’s country.

Meyer develops characters that most people can relate to.  They are “every day” people who become entangled in situations that they could never imagine.  His stories challenge the reader to ask, “What would I do?” if I found myself there.

Jack and his wife, Barbara, divide their time between their homes in Colorado Springs and Tucson. He stays busy remodeling his homes, with golf and writing his next book in the Wayward Patriot series.