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Jeromy Wensley, (1978 to present): I was born and raised in Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada. My hometown's location is very isolated: Town's are few and far between, having most of the landscape replaced with bush-country and lakes. (Freshwater fishing and hunting are very popular extracurricular activities within the community). Winters are frigid, with temperatures exceeding minus 25 during the majority of January, February. Feet upon feet of snow envelopes the community during the winter months.

As of recent, now that I am finished with my chaotic past, I am working on my poetry skills. This is my favorite poetic line up to date: Yesterday's ‘doings’ have long passed, and tomorrow's ‘could-bes’ haven’t yet arrived. It is important to be present. Live in the moment, be here, not there, because RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW is all we will ever have.