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 Joe Paranteau is a leading expert on sales performance. He has led close to thirty thousand sales calls with the world's most valuable companies. Within five years, Joe sold more than $1B in revenue, which motivated him to share a wealth of sales insights. As a result, he wrote his first book, Billion Dollar Sales Secrets, to guide others to develop their own success story. It's timely, with fine-tuned advice to help develop bold, new sales habits in a recovery economy. If you require high-energy, motivational keynotes that compels audiences to take action – then you'll want to connect with Joe. His practical strategies and stories will create connections with your audience and a perfect addition to annual sales meetings or retreats. But, it's not about Joe. Instead, he masterfully unlocks your team's potential waiting to be unleashed. As a professional communicator, he responds and adapts to the needs of his audience in virtual, live, or mixed hybrid venues. When you dig deeper into his background, you discover his success has been forged through adversity and hustle. As the first generation to live outside of an Indian reservation, Joe's family didn't have much and struggled. His first sales job was painting rocks and selling them door-to-door when he was eight years old. He served in the US Air Force to fund his education. Joe has an MBA with a specialization in Family Business and Entrepreneurship and a BA in Speech Communication. Plus, he has worked in many exciting jobs from newspaper delivery, dishwasher, firefighter, a Sea World trainer, and a Governor – all before starting his 28-year professional career in sales. It's rare to have an indigenous author pen nonfiction business books. Still, Joe has learned to succeed despite barriers and boundaries. Today, he is a sales leader at Microsoft. He's a trendsetter, dynamic speaker, visionary, deep thinker, creative, and insatiably curious. In addition, he has a strong background in healthcare, aviation, and technology. He has over sixteen certifications in sales methodologies and industry. Joe lives in North Texas with his family. When he's not working, he enjoys skiing, traveling, deep-sea fishing, writing, and is a pilot and aviation enthusiast. He also founded a real estate business. Joe embraces optimism. He is proud of his heritage, history, and accomplishments—and he's only getting started!    
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