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Turn your $500 investment into $30,000+ in a year or less by exploiting this little-known value investing technique

Do you want to retire early, give your family the “good life,” or maybe buy a yacht, but you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford these luxuries?

Would you like to become wealthy like Buffet, Graham, Soros, and the likes, but you have limited capital?

Have you previously tried investing in stocks but lost money because of bad timing or poor investment decisions?

What if there were a way you could get wealthy without risking your hard-earned money by learning an undisclosed investment strategy?

Time to unveil the secrets of the bulls and the bears!

Drumroll, please... welcome to value investing 101 -- the only way ordinary investors can ever beat the pros.

When amassing wealth, you’ll have to consider stock investing, especially as a small private investor.

At the top of your portfolio, the first strategy should be value investing as it’s the fastest and safest way to grow your money.

However, if you are like many beginners, you might be in the dark on how this tactic works… yet you need to have all the information before dipping your toes.

Luckily for you, this guide features the A to Z of value investing to give you a head start on your investing journey.

In The Secrets of Value Investing, you’ll discover:

You will learn:

    • Investment mathematics -- how to use different formulas depending on the stocks you want to buy to maximize capital gains

      • How it will unlock your most lavish lifestyle

      • Learn how to make money in the stock market even if you are a complete beginner

      • How to protect your portfolio and avoid common mistakes

      • Tips and techniques from the greatest investing giants

    • How to change your mindset and start viewing stocks like a value investor for increased profits and decreased risks

    • Steps you can take to develop your own investing style to suit your financial goals and abilities

    • How to make value judgments when buying and selling stocks to ensure maximum benefits to your portfolio

    • The keys to thriving as a stock investor and growing your money without the help of a broker

    • How to interpret and make your own financial statements by understanding what every indicator means

    • Tried-and-tested techniques that investing moguls use to amass wealth without making bad losses in the stock market

    • How to screen for the best value stocks in the market and assess a company’s worth by following well-known principles

I believe that whoever is serious & persistent enough to adapt the simple lessons outlined in this book has a fair shot at becoming wealthy. Your past & personality don’t matter unless you are willing to take the plunge. Everything you must know about value investing is available here. Get this book today!