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Jonathan Ross grew up in St. Thomas, the Mojave Desert, and Cocoa Beach. He remembers St. Thomas from boyhood summer vacations spent exploring the wild bays and mountains of his stepfather's estate, the setting for his novels, "The Jumbee's Daughter" and "New Girl on the Island," and the inspiration for his Island Series ("New Girl on the Island," "Stranger on the Island," and “Stowaway on the Island”). He served in the Navy as an enlisted submariner in the Pacific Ocean and as a commissioned Engineering Duty Officer at Rota, Spain. He was inspired to write "Death in a Carolina Swamp," based on a U-Boat of the same vintage of his submarine. During his career and extensive travel in the US, Europe, and Asia, he was intrigued by the idea of someone who could smell human emotions, from love to loathing, and that idea inspired "The Scent of Death." He speaks fluent Spanish and enough French to order a nice meal and find directions. His passions are writing (eight novels, one non-fiction), music (he plays harmonica, bagpipes, and fiddle), ballroom dancing, and travel. He lives with his wife near Annapolis MD, home of the US Naval Academy. You may contact Jonathan Ross at jonathanrossnovels@gmail.com and visit his website at jonathanrossnovels.com