Jude Smith

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Hello, I'm Jude Smith I'm a health specialist that studied at the renowned Dalla Lana School of Public Health in Toronto, where I immersed myself in public health. Born and raised in Toronto, I've always been captivated by the power of words as a health specialist , I believe in the magic that happens when a reader is transported into the realms of my creation. My goal as an author is to bring together the best ideas in Health & nutrition, fitness training, and functional movement -- with the goal of keeping you (and myself) strong, mobile, and built to last. I've spent most of my life with experiences in Diabetic patients , weight loss seekers.. So I know what it's like to struggle to stay healthy, let alone make substantial progress toward Nutrition, Diet, or body composition goals. Ultimately, I want to help you battle through Weight loss, Nutritional Tips and Tricks, and physical limitations to reach your personal fitness goals.