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JW Langley grew up privileged and dissenting in Apartheid South Africa, raised by parents so tolerant and liberal they left him no choice but to become a Christian. This act of rebellion coincided with reading Literature, Psychology and Philosophy at university – subjects he neglected in favour of playing alternative music on the radio and in nightclubs. In 2004 he travelled to the United Kingdom for a year – and sort of forgot to leave. He has worked as a writer and manager at a 200-year-old missionary society, written for religious and political publications in print and online, and has had his poetry published by The Rialto and Rattle. All of these were better than his first jobs offering free samples in supermarkets and working in a CD store. None of them were as good as being a DJ. He currently identifies as a straight male communist, but nothing lasts forever.

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Incredulous Moshoeshoe and the Lightning Bird

Incredulous Moshoe...

Horror, Urban/Paranormal Fantasy