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Kate Darroch Living on the picturesque Devon coastline, Kate combines her passion for cozy sleuths and her experiences living in many countries to create compelling Travel Cozies. Màiri Maguire, a Scots Irish schoolteacher from 1970s Glasgow, the heroine of Kate's debut novel, Death in Paris, has earned Kate many international book awards, including Incipere's Best Christian Fiction, consolidating her reputation as a notable author. Kate hopes her readers will enjoy Màiri's adventures as much as she enjoys Father Brown, Sherlock Holmes, and that old movie, the Perils of Pauline. Next, Kate created Huntingdon Hart, a dry, witty, prescient, tongue-in-cheek combo of 007 and Mycroft Holmes, who's in love with a much older woman. Kate's most recent opus is the Christian Second Chance for Lasting Love series, Sweets By the Sea, a depth saga of Recovery and Redemption which her readers insist is even more adorable than her Cozy Mysteries.
Christmas In Glasgow

Christmas In Glasgow

Enjoy the Winter Holidays with Màiri Maguire and her family A Stand Alone holidays short story where Màiri strives to take a break from saving the day... Will Màiri get to enjoy the holidays? Or Will Danger Strike? Fresh from run-ins with murderous criminals in Paris, on the luxurious Express train from Paris to Istanbul, in Rome, and in Istanbul, Màiri is really looking forward to a quiet Christmas at home in Glasgow, playing with her nephew Niall and enjoying the company of her sisters. Will our girl get a much needed rest? Or...