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Kell Inkston

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Hi there! Kell Inkston is a S.E.E.R. analyst tasked with viewing and recording causal events within lower universes. He compiles these writings on the side for the entertainment of the public and to take credit for it himself - the jerk. If you were to tag him with a single niche, it would be "multi-dimensional fantasy" though that itself isn't quite on the money - you'll find just about everything in these books. His passions include coffee, birdwatching, gardening, videogames, and the beach he never gets to visit. He lives with his split psyche counterparts and two psychotic dogs in uptown Inklend on Ivy Lane - the side of the street that doesn't actually have Ivy on it. Find more at: Site: Kellinkston.com (free short stories and important documents you can't find anywhere else) Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1Gfn4TU (shenanigans and fun) Email: kell@kellinkston.com (business and inquiry) Remember: Kell's always thankful for your readership, and very much hopes you'll read all of his books like a story-emaciated wild animal on the verge of mania, but please take care, though, there's more to life than books! Kell Inkston's primary imprint is Gestaltzerfall Publishing, with additional works by Butterdragons Publishing.