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Sutton, a town in Surrey, England, was where I was first seen. After five vaguely memorable years there, my family relocated to the charming village of Chawton in Hampshire – unremarkable with its one school, one shop, one pub, one church and one phone box, but famous as the location where Jane Austen spent eight years and published her best-known novels.

I was generally oblivious to the buses delivering consignments of tourists to Jane Austen's house, as my interests at the time tended less towards the romantic entanglements of English middle-class socialites at the turn of the 19th century, and more towards growling deep-pile rugs with flashing red eyes chasing a young space family around the rugged, rocky surface of an uncharted film set, or modified wheelie-bins spinning around, wiggling their appendages and croaking, 'Exterminate!'

This early fascination with science fiction and fantasy was fuelled further as, while adapting to the reality of life in London during my teens, I frequently escaped to the imaginary worlds of H.G. Wells, John Wyndham and Jules Verne. I read Wyndham's 'The Chrysalids' six times in my third year at high school – mostly during Latin lessons – and 'The Time Machine' was always on stand-by.

And so it was that I developed a passion for speculative fiction. What if the impossible were possible? Is what seems to be real really reality? In my stories I invite readers to join me on a journey into the realms of improbability, where they are challenged to explore ideas beyond our conscious world. My tales are often baffling, bewildering and bizarre – but then, aren't the best stories the ones that make you think?

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