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Larry has lived his entire life in and around the swamp country of the Guadalupe River Delta along the Texas Gulf Coast. After sixteen years of being cooped up in a classroom, he got on a shrimp boat where he has seen and done things others can’t imagine. His commercial fishing career played out in the late ’80s and he started a general contracting business. A death-defying injury led him into writing in 2012. Larry has written twelve books including four screenplays, one for each book of his Four Seasons Series. He’s written non-fiction, fiction, screenplays, and his first children’s book in 2020. Larry has now turned to writing and producing music inspired by his books. You can find his first two songs, City Gal and No Heart At All, on his website. Larry has lived a unique life in and away from his swamp. He has defied death many times. His unique life has allowed him to write books unlike any other. The first book of his Series is about a city gal who finds her way into the country as her world crumbles around her. She meets a country gent and falls in love. His song, City Gal, tells this story. The book and song resemble Larry and his city gal, Ellen, who now resides in his swamp where he teaches her how to survive and she teaches him more than he could ever have imagined. His swamp life is depicted in Tales From the Riverside.