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My name is Lasairiona – Las for short, I’m a *cough* 30-some, Irish chick and as of November 2019, I have repatriated to Northern Ireland after spending almost the entire last decade living abroad. I spent nearly 8 years in Houston, Texas and 18 months living in Pune, India. I’m a very transient person. I’m a gypsy, a wanderer, a nomad.  An expat by nature. Being back in Northern Ireland is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

My blog started out as a way of keeping people at home, up to date with our adventures, however, over the last number of years, it has grown into a mod-podge of things, cooking, baking, dieting, travelling and crafting all mixed together with a healthy dose of local things to do and places to see. I have also branched out into the world of Author-ing. I am a published author and here’s a sneaky link to my author page on Amazon.

I hope, that whoever you are and wherever you are from, that you find something of worth in my blog.  Like I said, it started out as just a record of our time here but has turned in to so much more!