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Lashanta Charles

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LaShanta Charles is from South Carolina, but currently lives in Killeen, TX. She’s married, has three tiny humans who constantly mooch off of her, and is active duty in the US Army. Currently, she is finishing a degree in Creative Writing & English through Southern New Hampshire University (almost done!). She's a homebody who adores SLEEPING, reading (romance, especially RH, paranormal, and sci-fi), eating, white chocolate mochas, SLEEPING, Reese’s PB Cups (but only the ones stuffed with Reese’s Pieces), and writing. She mainly writes romantic suspense, but also delves into paranormal and sci-fi romance (some with a dash of reverse harem), all with a dab of comedic relief. She also loves all things pretty, flirty, and sexy. Oh, and she hates spiders—why do they need EIGHT legs?