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Educated near Oxford, during English author Lazlo Ferran’s extraordinary life, he has been an aeronautical engineering student, dispatch rider, graphic designer, full-time busker, guitarist and singer with two albums recorded, and purveyor of philosophical thoughts. Having grown up in the rural Chiltern Hills, Lazlo says: “The beautiful Chiltern Hills offered the ideal playground for a child’s mind, in contrast to the ultra-strict education system of our county.” Brought up as a Buddhist, he has travelled widely, surviving a student uprising in Athens and living for a while in Cairo, just after Sadat’s assassination. Later, he spent time in Central Asia and was only a few blocks away from gunfire during an attempt to storm the government buildings of Bishkek in 2006. He has a keen interest in theologies and philosophies of the Far East, Middle East, Asia & Eastern Europe. After a long and successful career within the science industry, Lazlo Ferran left to focus on writing.