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Since I haven't found the perfect man or the perfect genre yet, my books leap from sci-fi romance to taboo dark fantasy. The taboo books are written under my pen name, Bianca Swan.  I have two sons, or a third if you count my nimble little sports car. Zippy Z is my garage baby. My interests are very eclectic and you might find me reading by a fire in the mountains or walking by the seaside.

Once upon a time, I bred, trained and showed the magnificent Andalusian horses and have seen a lot of places from the windshield of a truck towing a horse trailer. Andalusians are the beautiful white fairytale horses you see in movies. With their long manes and tails, and fancy way-of-going,  they look like carousel horses. They are usually thought of as white but also come in bay and black--uh, oh about to get started on my passion.

Currently, I have eight books with The Wild Rose Press. Bianca Swan's taboo dark fantasy is with Black Lotus Books.