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M. Ait Ali

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M. Ait Ali was born in Agadir, Morocco — He attended the Higher School of Technology-Agadir, from which he earned a BEng in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, just to decide, two years later, on a whim from above or maybe from within to switch gears into the world of literature and inner search. He loves to invest the time he has on his hands in reading mystical scriptures; watering plants; feeding and dotting on stray cats and dogs (those pretty-pretty quirky angels or aliens running wild in streets with their stylish coats on.) And, at times, when the dark bares its teeth, he bathes in the grace of Moonlight to meditate and find valid answers to the riddle of eclipsed days and moons. M. Ait Ali’s work is a relentless and perpetual self-ascribed mission of turning the wine-and-steak tables on the horrors of Man and his sterile seeds. In experimental attempts and needful wanderings off the designated literary paths, he tries to depict the soulless existence of the contemporary society by mentioning either explicitly or implicitly how, since its inception, it has been miring and treading on the hearts and faces of many among us just to brag about a faux-glimmering destination, which is nothing but hollow and pathetic in essence — staining our souls with more irrational matter torments and shallow earthly perceptions. M. Ait Ali was fortunate enough to have his poem, ‘A Technicolor Still of the Beggar Within,’ included in the Polaris Trilogy, which is part of the Lunar Codex Project, curated by Samuel Peralta and Joyce Brinkman (Indiana state Poet Laureate from 2002 - 2008) and directed by NASA Artemis. The trilogy will have been archived on the moon by November 2024, when NASA launches a rocket into the Moon. His work can be found in The Tipton Poetry Journal, Variant Literature Inc., Straylight Literary Arts Mag, Sandstorm UTPB Mag, The Cape Rock, Black Fox Lit Mag, Platform Review, Hive Avenue Lit Journal, and many other publications.