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I'm thirty-nine, and I've been married to my best-friend going on six years now. No kids, but yes cats, I love animals! I'm an author and freelance writer. I run my own writing and website production company, 'Room with a View Productions,' out of my home-office in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I was born and raised in the concrete jungle of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm one of six siblings. I had the best, and most hardworking parents, ever -- and a little sister that I miss with every breath that I take. I lost my mother at age seventeen, in the year 2000, my little sister in 2015, and my daddy shortly afterwards, in 2017. I've been writing since about eight, and it has always been my favourite hobby, now turned into a career. I also love to paint, watch hockey (GO LEAFS GO!!), go camping, and I'm really into photography.
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Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle

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