Melanie Middien

Member Since: 07/2023


As a child, Melanie Middien always loved animals and drawing. She would share her art with teachers for extra credit. During her senior year, she pitched the K.C. Royals a mascot, LeRoy, King of the Jungle, who had a baseball glove-like paw and crown which was modified into the lovable Sluggerrr. She came out to LA and worked in advertising, then TV shows such as King of The Hill, and wrote on a couple of other TV shows too embarrassing to list. She lives in one of the dumpiest, yet happiest homes, in Utopia, California with her two teenage sons who think their mother’s writing is silly and overall, find her embarrassing. She does not care. She loves traveling across the country in an old RV, meeting new friends, drinking wine, dancing (which may be one of the reasons her sons find her embarrassing), and making campfire pizzas which her sons DO like.