Michael Lacey

Member Since: 04/2023


One thing most people remember about Michael Lacey is his prosthetic eye. A lawn dart accident claimed his left eye when he was 11. Not only has it given him a unique perspective on life, but it has deepened his trust in God and His sovereignty.

Now, Michael writes and helps others produce their works. Everyone has a story to tell, and Michael is equipped to help through Story Builds Creative.

Coming from the rich writing heritage of Mississippi, Michael also writes fiction under M. Lacey. He hopes to stretch people mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

His non-fiction work has made him a 7x Best-selling author. The wisdom and inspiration comes from over a decade of leading worship and pastoring people, helping them encounter God and experience life change. As a creator himself, Michael is always chasing passions and striving to be better.

His degrees in math and english, vocational certificates, self-taught musicianship, and woodworking deepen his storytelling and ability to connect with anyone.

On most days, you can find Michael with a mason jar of sweet tea or wrestling with his two young sons and baby girl. By writing consistently, Michael is working towards a life where he can spend more time with his family while inspiring others to live out their dreams.

Find more about his pursuits (and some free stuff) at michaellacey.me