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Michael Paul was born and raised in the Boise, Idaho area. After high school, Michael joined the Army and served for more than 27 years. He enjoys writing, fishing, and hiking. Michael and his beautiful wife, Melissa, have a small farm in Central Oregon where they raise chickens, horses, pigs, and one cantankerous duck. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your hobbies and interests.

I just retired from the military after 27 years of service. I absolutely love the outdoors to include hiking, fishing, and camping. I also play the guitar, poorly. My family and I have a small hobby farm where we raise cows, pigs, and chickens.

When and why did you start writing books?

This is my first book. I began the first chapter over a decade ago, saved it on my computer's hard drive and then moved on with my life. I had always promised myself that I would pick it up again. Time marches by so quickly the older I get, so I knew that I couldn't procrastinate any longer. I started writing it again in the summer of 2022 and finished it that fall.

What made you decide to tackle writing as a career?

Writing is more of a hobby than a career. My family and friends always encouraged me to write, because they enjoy short stories that I had written in the past. My teachers in middle school and high school also encouraged me to write.

Which one of your books or characters is your favourite?

March of the Band 4 is my favorite book, only because it's my only one.

Which one of your books was the hardest to write and stretched you the most as a writer?

This book wasn't easy to write. I knew I had themes that I wanted to discuss, but I just didn't know how to present them in such a manner that would make my book flow and make it interesting. It is starting out that is the most difficult part for me. I always had great intention of just sitting down and writing it, but then I would just lose interest. Once I got into the groove, I allowed the story to unfold in front of me.

Who is your favourite author and book?

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

What book are you reading right now?

Stephen King's Dark Tower Series: The Dark Tower III: The Wastelands.

Where do you get your inspiration for your books?

Honestly I got it from children books that I read when I was young. I loved books that I didn't want to end. I always heard that one should write on what they would enjoy reading. So, that's what I set out to do. I wanted to write a fun adventure book that I would enjoy reading.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I actually enjoy hiking, camping, and playing with my 7 year old boy. During the cold winter months, I really enjoy just sitting next to a fire and reading a book.

Do you have any new books in the works?

I am writing my second book, Once Upon and Broken Path (working title). I hope to have that one completed in the Summer of 2023.