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Mike Schuhler

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Born on June 5, 1983, in Oakland, California, Mike Schuhler embarked on a unique path before immersing himself in the world of horror literature. With two decades of dedicated service in the United States Marine Corps, he brings a depth of experience to his writing that few can match. Complementing his military background, Mike holds degrees in both English and Human Services, adding a unique perspective to his storytelling. Mike Schuhler is the creative mind behind the recently unveiled novella, "Purgatory," a chilling exploration of the macabre. His short story, "Waiting Out the Storm," found its eerie home in Scare Street's "Night Terrors, Volume 13," showcasing his knack for crafting spine-tingling narratives. Currently, Mike resides in Port Huron, Michigan, where the haunting landscapes and mysterious atmospheres continue to inspire his captivating tales of terror.