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Mitchell Sanders

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Mitchell Sanders is just another ordinary individual. As a scientist and serial entrepreneur, in his spare time he enjoys reading and writing horror books. His inspirations come from his lovely wife and best friend, Elisabeth, and three children and three grandchildren, who encouraged him to write and finish his first book. Mitch spent a good portion of his life studying biomedical sciences and advanced wound care. He has a BA in biology from Boston University with a minor in Latin language and literature, and an MS in molecular biology and a PhD in biomedical sciences, both from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Mitch did two postdocs at the Whitehead Institute / MIT, a world-renowned nonprofit research institution dedicated to improving human health through basic biomedical research. Mitch is a worldwide expert in wound repair and regeneration. Mitch was formerly founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of a diagnostic company for sixteen years and is currently the chief scientific officer (CSO) of an international health-care tech enabled services firm. His biggest achievement is having three amazing kids (Jake, Mia, and Ben), three exceptional grandchildren (Emma, Corey, and Geo), and an endearing wife, Elisabeth.