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Mohammed Ali Ejaz

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Mohammed Ali Ejaz is an Indigo Soul (Life Path 11) and spiritual teacher dedicated to the moral and spiritual evolution of humanity, by discussing what is required for humanity to reach their full potential, by living an ambitious, noble, and purposeful life that strives for the wellbeing of the earth and humanity.

With an emphasis on bringing to light, the decadence and degeneration of this present hedonistic civilization and what is required for humanity to return to a state of balance and virtue, through the return to a spiritual civilization, where the species becomes a guardian rather than a desecrator of the earth, through the honoring of both the masculine and feminine in human society.

With a focus on the importance and necessity of living a moral, and purposeful life, which brings out the divine and noble aspects of humanity, and will see humanity rise to their true and elevated nature as dignified and graceful creatures of the divine creator.