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Mustakin Hashim

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Mustakin Hashim writes science-fiction and fantasy and has been writing since very young. Good versus evil, heroes and villains and stories about the end of the world are the type of stories he likes to tell, hoping to keep people reading into the early hours of the morning, and his stories enjoyed the world over. Nothing makes Mustakin happier than seeing pictures come to life, whether that is on the screen or words coming to life in his head. His professional career is in Media Production. However, his passion lies in the artistry of creating and writing stories. He began writing at an early age, during a period when he had trouble reading, unable to bring words to life in his mind. Yearning to give life to his creative desires and the characters that lived within his mind, he created his own stories of magic. His debut novel, Aura Ignition: Darkness After Dawn, is an amalgamation of the many bedtime stories he would tell his younger brother. He hopes to keep people reading into the