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N.L. Blandford

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Calgary, Alberta

Crime fighter by day. Fiction writer by night.

By day N.L. Blandford works as a fraud investigator at a financial institution.  By night N.L. Blandford is passionate about creating awareness around social issues through fictional stories. Her worlds and characters captivate readers while informing them of real life scenarios.

N.L Blandford is the author of The Perilous Road to Her (2021). A gripping tale of fear, longing, and determination, as one woman tries to survive the world of human trafficking in hopes of finding her sister.
The anticipated sequel, The Perilous Road to Freedom (2021) finds readers wondering if Olivia's stubbornness and determination will be enough for her to be able to fight the monsters around her, and those in her head, to retake her freedom.

What Readers Are Saying

"When was the last time you picked up a book and couldn’t put it down? The Perilous Road to Her by N.L. Blandford did just that. It took us on a journey into a world that most of us could not imagine. The story is very relevant today as we hear more and more about human trafficking. You will be drawn into a world where power and control is very real. Full of suspense and emotions you will feel very much part of the characters lives. Powerful read." JoAnne Burns

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