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Pablo Weston was born in Wavertree, Liverpool on June 26th 1994.

Being working-class, self-taught, and possessing gonads of gargantuance, Weston has undertaken a creative crusade, gifting the world an alternative to the ugly, vacuous, subversive, bland dystopia of establishment Art.

His unquenchable appetite to evolve, innovate, and also pay homage to the antecedent masters of his craft are what have made him instrumental in spearheading a renaissance out of the cultural Dark Age of the 20th Century, and also win praise from the likes of Celine Dion, Jacob de Rothschild, and David Icke.

When his debut collection of poetry, Eternally Cryptic Works, skyrocketed to the top of the Best Seller rankings in North Korea, a Pyongyang spokesperson said the Dear Leader had sanctioned the book to be mandatory reading for every schoolchild in the country and referred to it as 'a game changer'.

However, it must be noted that controversy has often been entangled with the name of Pablo Weston: In 2019, after remarks made to braless child-sacrificing tribeswomen of Papua New Guinea, Greta Thunberg described him as 'a primitive bigot', subsequently resulting in him being blacklisted from several countries in Oceania and further afar. His trademark spicy and scathing satire has also led to many calling for his crucifixion, with the leader of Hamas calling him 'A son of a peacock '.