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Pariksha Rao

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Ms. Pariksha Rao is a clinical nutritionist and a lifestyle activist.

Ms. Pariksha Rao is a gold medalist from Delhi University. Her career has spanned 14 years across nutrition counselling, research, digital healthcare, patient support programs, pharmaceutical and public health sectors.

She has experience and expertise in patient support programs, clinical behavior and digital wellness – and considerable experience in leading multiple wellness as well as training projects.

She supervises and trains counselors, medical officers, and fitness trainers. She specializes in holistic programs on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), with focus on soft-skill training, behavior as well as therapeutic counselling, and capacity building.

She has a proven ability to provide medical attention to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and multiple sclerosis, along with a demonstrated background in nutrition data mining and data curation.

Her primary exposure has been to public health, pharmaceuticals, medical, technology and research sectors with focus on Public Private Partnership and patient advocacy.