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Patty H Scott

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Patty Scott dreamt of being a writer before she could even set words on paper.  She loves writing happily ever after stories and scenes where kisses make you melt a little. She also loves to write non-fiction books that help moms navigate motherhood, grow in their faith, and find joy in life.

Patty’s fictional characters experience real life struggles, misunderstandings, and hurts, but they make their way through and find love in the end. Patty delights in bringing her sense of humor into a story. No two characters are alike, and no story is ever like another. Patty’s relatable characters make her stories come to life. 

Patty and her husband have two boys aged 12 and 19. They also have a 23-year-old foster daughter.  

Patty’s joys when she isn’t writing are hiking, sharing conversation and a good cup of coffee with friends, dancing Hip Hop, and taking spontaneous road trips.  

You can connect with Patty at her website https://pattyhscott.com. Patty has a Facebook community for readers called Patty Scott’s Sweet Readers where women gather to share life and books with one another. Her books can be found on Amazon. You are welcome to join her at any of those places.